Curriculum Vitae

Name: Matthew Thomson

Nationality: British

Gender: Male

Address: 78 High Path Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU12QL

Mobile: 07899 706816





Art Director in the interactive industry. I have worked in games development for 21 years working for multi-national as well as indie companies across large and small teams. I have worked on a range of titles, which include AAA as well as niche titles, mainly console and PC. I am highly skilled and able to lead and support teams achieve the very best results. Based in Guildford, I am a keen climber and lover of the outdoors.


Art Direction, Concept Art, Concept Design, Environment Design, Look Development, User Interface Design, 3d Modeling, 3d Visualization, Character Modeling, Texturing, Visual Effects, 2D Graphics, Character Design, Shader Design, Team Management, Logo Design, Outsource Management

Software Proficiency

Maya, Photoshop, Unreal Engine, Zbrush, Unity, Marmoset Toolbag, Illustrator


Heavy Spectrum - 2012 - Present Day 

Project: Oure - PS4, PC

Position: Art Director

Heavy Spectrum's first self published IP. A child becomes a dragon and flies above the clouds in this small but very personal adventure. This was an ambitious project undertaken by a team of only six members which meant I had to utilise my skills across all art disciplines with the main goal being to make it visually interesting whilst being pragmatic about the volume of assets we could create.

Project: Shadow of the Beast - PS4

Position: Art Director

I worked with External Concept, World Modelling, Character and VFX teams to deliver quality assets for this game. Although we were a small internal team, we had numerous outsourcing companies working for us on different aspects of the game. As Art Director, I worked with all the OS partners to make sure our final product came together as one coherent product.

Project: Puzziball - Playstation Mobile

Position: Art Director

Puzziball was our second title for Sony X-Dev, again for Playstation Mobile. This was a small project with only myself and one other artist. I was responsible for the visual treatment across the title.

Project: Bullion Blitz - Playstation Mobile

Position: Art Director

Bullion Blitz was our first game, made for Sony X-Dev, for Playstation Mobile. This was a small project with only myself and one other artist. I was responsible for the visual treatment across the title.

Electronic Arts - Bright Light Studio 2003-2011

Project: Sim City - PC

Position: CG Supervisor (Guildford Office)

Organising and running tool development and visual quality development team. We had a short term goal to get the U.S teams workflow optimised to allow them to work through a larger set of assets with tools that allowed them to move into production and to allow outsourcing of assets.

Project: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2HD - PS3/360/PC/Wii

Position: Lead Artist – Character & Environment (internal and outsource)

I ran a team of internal artists creating assets for Harry Potter. My time was spent directing the art teams, scheduling, planning and working with outsourcers. Overseeing tools development and finding solutions (both pipeline and visual).

Project: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1HD - PS3/360/PC/Wii

Position: Lead Character Artist (internal and outsource)

I worked with outsourcing to create all of the characters for DH1(modelling/rigging/skinning). Planned the initial reference model scheme to allow ongoing production without final characters and worked with a TA on tools which allowed us to implement this scheme. I made all dynamic joint configurations for characters and worked on wrinkle map implementation for character facial and body twist.

Project: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - PS3/360/PC/Wii/PS2

Position: Lead Character Artist (internal and outsource)

EAUK’s first big outsourcing engagement. I worked with the internal team to plan and build all character models, reviewed and fed back on all models and weighting. Organised and ran the process of integrating all outsourced assets into the game.

Project: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - PS3/360/PC/Wii/PS2

Position: Character Artist

I worked in a team of five character artists building assets for the game. Lots of characters, lots of fun, a good team of people to work with.

Project: Battlefield Modern Combat - XBox 360

Position: Character/Vehicle/Environment Artist

I worked across all art disciplines working with CG Supervisor on tech and pipeline. Liaised with Speedtree, Pixologic, Turtle on tech requirements. Modelled a variety of characters, vehicles, and worked on landscape rendering tech.

Project: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - PC/PS2

Position: Lead Artist - Eye Toy Sub Game

Muckyfoot Productions Ltd 2002-2003

Project: Bullet Proof Monk - PS2 /Xbox /GC

Position: Lead Artist

Project: The Punisher - PS2 /Xbox /GC

Position: Lead Artist

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (Cambridge office) 1999-2001

Project: C-12 Final Resistance - PS1

Position: Lead Artist

Bullfrog Productions Ltd / Electronic Arts 1996-1999

Project: Dungeon Keeper - PC

Position: Artist

Project: Syndicate Wars - PC/PS1

Position: Artist

Project: Gene Wars - PC

Position: Artist


Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication 1993-1996

Degree:BA (Hons) 3D Design: Furniture and related Product Design (2.1)

Anglia Polytechnic 1992-1993

Foundation Art

Hills Road Sixth Form College 1990-1992

A-LevelArt(A) A-Level Art History(B)

Swavesey Village College 1985-19908

GCSE’s including Maths, Science and English

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